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Creating a space for every child to be a hero

What We Offer


We offer a large range of extracurricular activities which help

our students have the opportunity to develop their creative and

design skills as well as gain an awareness of environmental issues.

The majority of The Forest Centre learning is held outdoors
giving the students an opportunity to connect and learn from
nature. Alongside Maths, Science and English, the boys learn a
variety of subjects within The Forest Centre, including:

Evening Learning Program

We provide evening chaburah learning sessions.

Cycling Club

Students enjoy our cycling trips.

Guitar Group

We have a group for musical students learning guitar.

Breakfast Club

Monthly special occasion breakfast club - Rosh Chodesh.



Leadership Training Program

Shabbos morning service and Kiddush.

Sponsored Trips

Sponsored trips for children who come from deprived homes such as Waterworld etc.

Drumming Sessions

Offering drumming sessions to all students.

BBQ Evenings

Students can enjoy a bbq night out every once in a while.

Canoeing Groups

Canoeing Groups



Carnivals / Street Dance

Carnivals and Street Dancing

Animal Care

In our Forest school we provide animal care opportunities.

Rural Woodwork

Carpentry, Construction and Electricity.


Hands on pottery


Nature works its magic.

Cycle Maintenance

Students learn how to look after their own bikes and set up a bike repair and maintenance business to serve local customers, encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset.

Forest School

Our Forest school provides students with learning and growth activities they wont get elsewhere.