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About Us

As partners with City & Guilds, we would like to continue providing outdoor engaging activities with our students, exploring and observing in a hands - on way focusing the natural world around them, we would then like to take a cross curricular approach and use those activities to learn key stage 3/4 maths English and science, perhaps the science will have a natural connection but we would also like to use the passion that young adults have in the outdoors being involved in activities in a hands - on way, outside the old school traditional classroom, to realise what mathematics they have used to do the outdoor projects and the English skills which when developed helped you accomplish the tasks and bring better results.

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At Etz Chaim we truly believe that traditional learning in the classroom is highly valuable. However, research shows that nearly 40% of both mainstream and SEN boys find being in a traditional classroom environment on a constant basis, somewhat challenging. So we have opened the Forest School.

It’s a journey we believe in,

and we have people on the team who are very motivated, we are looking for some partners who can help us on our journey

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Together with our trusty partners we can continue our projects

Manchester Jewish Museum