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Creating a space for every child to be a hero

So Every Child Can be a hero

What We Offer

Serving teenagers from Salford / Bury / Manchester

We offer a large range of extracurricular activities which help our students have the opportunity to develop their creative and design skills as well as gain an awareness of environmental issues.

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What Our Students Say...

our testimonials

I like the woodwork activities that we do at The Forest Centre, it’s really enjoyable to be able to build the homemade type of things like the model animals we build.

MS Forest Centre Student

I enjoy The Forest Centre because we spend lots of time outdoors and learn how to make fires to help us keep warm. I’m really excited for the Animal Corner to open and I look forward to caring for the animals.

RT Forest Centre Student

I really enjoy all the outdoor activities especially because I get to do them with my friends.

SR Forest Centre Student

Our teachers make sure that we can use the exciting tools in woodwork in a safe way, I’m looking forward to all the new equipment we will be getting soon.

DR Forest Centre Student

I’m really excited for The Forest Centre to have more activities and things for us to learn.

SR Forest Centre Student